Ingrid de Vries

The Job

Research Technician Group Sixt I joined the lab, and moved to austria, when Michl started at ISTA. I am doing research, organize the lab. And I try to support my colleagues on all levels. I specially like the creative braining storming, for the best approach of a nw experiments/improve existing experiments.

The Projects:

I am the lucky one, who can do all the ‘crazy’ projects. At the moment I am studie the migration of DC cytoplast. Those are dendritic cells without a nucleus. And when it is necessary, I help out with revisions. Beside the lab work, I am also active as technician spokesperson, involved with the green labs and organizing lab tours for ISTA colleagues working in the administrative branch.

The origin:

The country of bikes, ‘Gouda’ cheese and fried snacks. I am from the Netherlands.

Previous lab:

Max Planck Institute of molecular cell biology and Genetics, Dresden, German – group Frank Buchholz Project: Mitocheck (stem cells) and establishing cell culture robot together with Frauenhofen institutes

Josephine Nefkens Institute, department of pathology, Rotterdam – group Fodde Research: The involvement of the Wnt signalling in colorectal cancer and stem cells

Josephine Nefkens Institute, department of pathology, Rotterdam – group Dorssers Research: Anti-estrogen Resistance in breast cancer

The Study:



Department of Botany, University of British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada – group Tony Griffith -Environmental effect on hyphe branching of the fungi Nerospora crassa

Numico Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands – group Ric van Tol – R&D Developing an oral therapy for Crohn’s disease

Department of Genetics, Agriculture University of Wageningen, The Netherlands – group Klaas Swart – Characterization and isolation of Meiosis-mutants of the fungi Aspergillus nidulans